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This is the 5th BW set.
Dark Explorers contains a few reprints of cards. They are Cheren, N, Professor Juniper, Rare Candy, Gardevior, Archeops, and Pokémon catcher.

Release Date # of Cards
May 9th At least 108

Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
1/108 Bulbasaur Common Grass
2/108 Ivysaur Uncommon Grass
3/108 Venasaur RareHolo Grass
4/108 Scyther Uncommon Grass
5/108 Carnivine Rare Grass
6/108 Leafeon Rare Grass
7/108 Dwebble Common Grass
8/108 Crustle Uncommon Grass
9/108 Karrablast Common Grass
10/108 Shelmet Common Grass
11/108 Accelgor Rare Grass
12/108 Flareon Uncommon Fire
13/108 Entei EX EX2 Fire
14/108 Torchic Common Fire
15/108 Torchic Common Fire
16/108 Combusken Uncommon Fire
17/108 Blaziken RareHolo Fire
18/108 Torkoal Uncommon Fire
19/108 Heatmor Rare Fire
20/108 Larvesta Common Fire
21/108 Larvesta Common Fire
22/108 Volcarna RareHolo Fire
23/108 Slowpoke Common Water
24/108 Slowbro Uncommon Water
25/108 Vaporeon Uncommon Water
26/108 Kyogre EX EX2 Water
27/108 Piplup Common Water
28/108 Prinplup Uncommon Water
29/108 Empoleon RareHolo Water
30/108 Glaceon Rare Water
31/108 Tympole Common Water
32/108 Palpitoad Uncommon Water
33/108 Vanillite Common Water
34/108 Vanilish Uncommon Water
35/108 Ducklett Common Water
36/108 Swanna Rare Water
37/108 Jolteon Uncommon Lightning
38/108 Raikou EX EX2 Lightning
39/108 Plusle Common Lightning
40/108 Minun Common Lightning
41/108 Joltik Common Lightning
42/108 Joltik Common Lightning
43/108 Galvantula Rare Lightning
44/108 Tynamo Common Lightning
45/108 Tynamo Common Lightning
46/108 Elektrik Uncommon Lightning
47/108 Elektross RareHolo Lightning
48/108 Espeon Rare Psychic
49/108 Slowking Rare Psychic
50/108 Woobat Common Psychic
51/108 Yamask Uncommon Psychic
52/108 Cofagrigus Rare Psychic
53/108 Aerodactyl Rare Fighting
54/108 Groudon EX EX2 Fighting
55/108 Drilbur Common Fighting
56/108 Excadrill Rare Fighting
57/108 Excadrill Rare Fighting
58/108 Timburr Common Fighting
59/108 Gurdurr Uncommon Fighting
60/108 Umbreon Uncommon Darkness
61/108 Umbreon Uncommon Darkness
62/108 Sableye Uncommon Darkness
63/108 Darkrai EX EX2 Darkness
64/108 Sandile Common Darkness
65/108 Krokorok Uncommon Darkness
66/108 Krookodile RareHolo Darkness
67/108 Scraggy Common Darkness
68/108 Scrafty Rare Darkness
69/108 Zorua Common Darkness
70/108 Zorua Common Darkness
71/108 Zoroark Rare Darkness
72/108 Bisharp Uncommon Darkness
73/108 Vullaby Uncommon Darkness
74/108 Escavalier Rare Metal
75/108 Klink Common Metal
76/108 Klang Uncommon Metal
77/108 Klinklang RareHolo Metal
78/108 Paniward Common Metal
79/108 Bisharp Rare Metal
80/108 Chansey Common Colorless
81/108 Chansey Common Colorless
82/108 Blissey RareHolo Colorless
83/108 Eevee Common Colorless
84/108 Eevee Common Colorless
85/108 Chatot Uncommon Colorless
86/108 Lillipup Common Colorless
87/108 Herdier Uncommon Colorless
88/108 Stoutland Rare Colorless
89/108 Haxorous RareHolo Colorless
90/108 Tronadus EX EX2 Colorless
91/108 Cheren Uncommon SU
92/108 Dark Claw Uncommon I
93/108 Dark Patch Uncommon I
94/108 Enhanced Hammer Uncommon I
95/108 Hooligans Jim & Cas Uncommon SU
96/108 N Uncommon SU
97/108 Old Amber Aerodactyl Uncommon I
98/108 Professor Juniper Uncommon SU
99/108 Random Reciever Uncommon I
100/108 Rare Candy Uncommon I
101/108 Twist Mountian Uncommon ST
102/108 Ultra Ball Uncommon I
103/108 Entei EX SuperRare Fire
104/108 Kyogre EX SuperRare Water
105/108 Raikou EX SuperRare Lightning
106/108 Groudon EX SuperRare Fighting
107/108 Darkrai EX SuperRare Darkness
108/108 Tronadus EX SuperRare Colorless
109/108 Gardevior White star rare Psychic
110/108 Archeops White star rare Fighting
111/108 Pokémon Catcher White star rare I

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