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Dark Rush Dragon Blast / Dragon Blade Freeze Bolt / Cold Flare

This is the first full expansion to contain Dragon type Pokémon.

Dragon Blast
Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
001/050 Yanma Common Grass
002/050 Yanmega Uncommon Grass
003/050 Wurmple Common Grass
004/050 Silcoon Common Grass
005/050 Cascoon Common Grass
006/050 Beautifly Uncommon Grass
007/050 Roselia Common Grass
008/050 Roserade Uncommon Grass
009/050 Vulpix Common Fire
010/050 Ninetales RareHolo Fire
011/050 Wailmer Common Water
012/050 Wailord RareHolo Water
013/050 Buizel Common Water
014/050 Floatzel Uncommon Water
015/050 Tympole Common Water
016/050 Palpitoad Uncommon Water
017/050 Seismatoad Uncommon Water
018/050 Alomomola Common Water
019/050 Mareep Common Lightning
020/050 Flaaffy Common Lightning
021/050 Ampharos RareHolo Lightning
022/050 Mew EX RareHolo Psychic
023/050 Dustox Uncommon Psychic
024/050 Drifloon Common Psychic
025/050 Drifblim Uncommon Psychic
026/050 Sigilyth RareHolo Psychic
027/050 Trubbish Common Psychic
028/050 Garbordor RareHolo Psychic
029/050 Baltoy Common Fighting
030/050 Claydol Uncommon Fighting
031/050 Stunfisk Uncommon Fighting
032/050 Terrakion EX RareHolo Fighting
033/050 Murkrow Common Darkness
034/050 Honchkrow Uncommon Darkness
035/050 Aron Common Metal
036/050 Lairon Common Metal
037/050 Aggron RareHolo Metal
038/050 Durant Common Metal
039/050 Giratina EX RareHolo Dragon
040/050 Deino Common Dragon
041/050 Zweilous Uncommon Dragon
042/050 Hydreigon RareHolo Dragon
043/050 Aipom Common Colorless
044/050 Ambipom Uncommon Colorless
045/050 Bidoof Common Colorless
046/050 Bibarel Uncommon Colorless
047/050 Audino Common Colorless
048/050 Devolution Spray Uncommon I
049/050 Rescue Scarf Uncommon I
050/050 Blend Energy GFPD Uncommon SE
051/050 Mew EX White star rare Psychic
052/050 Terrakion EX White star rare Fighting
053/050 Giratina EX White star rare Dragon
054/050 Reuniclus White star rare Psychic
055/050 Rayquaza White star rare Dragon
Dragon Blade
Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
001/050 Hoppip Common Grass
002/050 Skiploom Common Grass
003/050 Jumpluff Uncommon Grass
004/050 Nincada Common Grass
005/050 Ninjask Uncommon Grass
006/050 Maractus Common Grass
007/050 Magmar Common Fire
008/050 Magmortar Uncommon Fire
009/050 Ho-Oh EX RareHolo Fire
010/050 Feebas Common Water
011/050 Milotic RareHolo Water
012/050 Spheal Common Water
013/050 Sealeo Common Water
014/050 Walrein Uncommon Water
015/050 Electrike Common Lightning
016/050 Manetric Uncommon Lightning
017/050 Emolga Common Lightning
019/050 Gothita Common Psychic
020/050 Gothorita Uncommon Psychic
021/050 Gothitelle Uncommon Psychic
022/050 Golett Common Psychic
023/050 Gulurk RareHolo Psychic
024/050 Cubone Common Fighting
025/050 Marowak Uncommon Fighting
026/050 Nosepass Common Fighting
027/050 Roggenrolla Common Fighting
028/050 Boldure Common Fighting
029/050 Gigalith RareHolo Fighting
030/050 Throh Common Fighting
031/050 Sawk Common Fighting
032/050 Stunky Common Darkness
033/050 Skuntank Uncommon Darkness
034/050 Registeel EX RareHolo Metal
035/050 Probopass Uncommon Metal
036/050 Altaria RareHolo Dragon
037/050 Rayquaza EX RareHolo Dragon
038/050 Gible Common Dragon
039/050 Gabite Uncommon Dragon
040/050 Garchomp RareHolo Dragon
041/050 Slakoth Common Colorless
042/050 Vigoroth Common Colorless
043/050 Slaking RareHolo Colorless
044/050 Swablu Common Colorless
045/050 Bouffalant RareHolo Colorless
046/050 Rufflet Common Colorless
047/050 Braviary Uncommon Colorless
048/050 Tool Scrapper Uncommon I
049/050 Big Cloak Uncommon I
050/050 Blend Energy FWLS Uncommon SE
051/050 Ho-Oh EX White star rare Fire
052/050 Registeel EX White star rare Metal
053/050 Rayquaza EX White star rare Dragon
054/050 Serperior White star rare Grass
055/050 Krookodile White star rare Darkness

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