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Base Set Jungle Fossil

This is the 2nd Pokémon card expansion. It contains mainily grass Pokémon.

  • All of the holographic cards are reprints of the rare cards.
  • 3/8 of the cards in this set are grass types.
  • This is the 2nd smallest English Expansion.
Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
1/64 Clefable RareHolo Colorless
2/64 Electrode RareHolo Lightning
3/64 Flareon RareHolo Fire
4/64 Jolteon RareHolo Lightning
5/64 Kangaskhan RareHolo Colorless
6/64 Mr. Mime RareHolo Psychic
7/64 Nidoqueen RareHolo Grass
8/64 Pidgeot RareHolo Colorless
9/64 Pinsir RareHolo Grass
10/64 Scyther RareHolo Grass
11/64 Snorlax RareHolo Colorless
12/64 Vaporeon RareHolo Water
13/64 Venomoth RareHolo Grass
14/64 Victreebel RareHolo Grass
15/64 Vileplume RareHolo Grass
16/64 Wigglytuff RareHolo Colorless
17/64 Clefable Rare Colorless
18/64 Electrode Rare Lightning
19/64 Flareon Rare Fire
20/64 Jolteon Rare Lightning
21/64 Kangaskhan Rare Colorless
22/64 Mr. Mime Rare Psychic
23/64 Nidoqueen Rare Grass
24/64 Pidgeot Rare Colorless
25/64 Pinsir Rare Grass
26/64 Scyther Rare Grass
27/64 Snorlax Rare Colorless
28/64 Vaporeon Rare Water
29/64 Venomoth Rare Grass
30/64 Victreebel Rare Grass
31/64 Vileplume Rare Grass
32/64 Wigglytuff Rare Colorless
33/64 Butterfree Uncommon Grass
34/64 Dodrio Uncommon Colorless
35/64 Exeggutor Uncommon Grass
36/64 Fearow Uncommon Colorless
37/64 Gloom Uncommon Grass
38/64 Lickitung Uncommon Colorless
39/64 Marowak Uncommon Fighting
40/64 Nidorina Uncommon Grass
41/64 Parasect Uncommon Grass
42/64 Persian Uncommon Colorless
43/64 Primeape Uncommon Fighting
44/64 Rapidash Uncommon Fire
45/64 Rhydon Uncommon Fighting
46/64 Seaking Uncommon Water
47/64 Tauros Uncommon Colorless
48/64 Weepinbell Uncommon Grass
49/64 Bellsprout Common Grass
50/64 Cubone Common Fighting
51/64 Eevee Common Colorless
52/64 Exeggcute Common Grass
53/64 Goldeen Common Water
54/64 Jigglypuff Common Colorless
55/64 Mankey Common Fighting
56/64 Meowth Common Colorless
57/64 Nidoran♀ Common Grass
58/64 Oddish Common Grass
59/64 Paras Common Grass
60/64 Pikachu Common Lightning
61/64 Rhyhorn Common Fighting
62/64 Spearow Common Colorless
63/64 Venonat Common Grass
64/64 Poké Ball Common TR

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