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This is the 4th Black & white expansion.
This is the first Black and White series expansion to contain non-Unova region Pokémon.

TCG Expansions 2012 releases
Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
1/99 Pinsir Rare Grass
2/99 Seedot Common Grass
3/99 Kricketot Common Grass
4/99 Krictetune Uncommon Grass
5/99 Shaymin EX EX2 Grass
6/99 Pansage Common Grass
7/99 Simisage Rare Grass
8/99 Foongus Common Grass
9/99 Amoongus Rare Grass
10/99 Growlithe Common Fire
11/99 Growlithe Common Fire
12/99 Arcanine Rare Fire
13/99 Arcanine Uncommon Fire
14/99 Moltres RareHolo Fire
15/99 Pansear Common Fire
16/99 Simisear Rare Fire
17/99 Darumaka Common Fire
18/99 Litwick Common Fire
19/99 Lampent Uncommon Fire
20/99 Chandalure RareHolo Fire
21/99 Reshiram Rare Fire
22/99 Reshiram EX EX2 Fire
23/99 Staryu Common Water
24/99 Starmie Rare Water
25/99 Lapras Rare Water
26/99 Lapras Uncommon Water
27/99 Articuno RareHolo Water
28/99 Panpour Common Water
29/99 Simipour Rare Water
30/99 Basculin Uncommon Water
31/99 Vanillite Common Water
32/99 Vanillish Uncommon Water
33/99 Vanilluxe RareHolo Water
34/99 Frillish Common Water
35/99 Jellicent Rare Water
36/99 Cubchoo Common Water
37/99 Beartic Rare Water
38/99 Kyurem EX EX2 Water
39/99 Pikachu Common Lightning
40/99 Raichu Uncommon Lightning
41/99 Zapdos RareHolo Lightning
42/99 Shinx Common Lightning
43/99 Shinx Common Lightning
44/99 Luxio Uncommon Lightning
45/99 Luxio Uncommon Lightning
46/99 Luxray RareHolo Lightning
47/99 Blitzle Common Lightning
48/99 Zebstika Rare Lightning
49/99 Emolga Uncommon Lightning
50/99 Zekrom Rare Lightning
51/99 Zekrom EX EX2 Lightning

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