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This is the 3rd set in the Black and white series.

Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
1/101 Sewaddle Common Grass
2/101 Swadloon Uncommon Grass
3/101 Leavanny RareHolo Grass
4/101 Petilil Common Grass
5/101 Lilligant Rare Grass
6/101 Dewbble Common Grass
7/101 Crustle Uncommon Grass
8/101 Karrablast Common Grass
9/101 Foongus Common Grass
10/101 Amoonguss Uncommon Grass
11/101 Shelmet Common Grass
12/101 Accelgor Rare Grass
13/101 Virizion RareHolo Grass
14/101 Victini RareHolo Fire
15/101 Victini RareHolo Fire
16/101 Pansear Common Fire
17/101 Simisear Rare Fire
18/101 Larvesta Common Fire
19/101 Larvesta Common Fire
20/101 Volcarona Rare Fire
21/101 Tympole Common Water
22/101 Palpitoad Uncommon Water
23/101 Seismitoad Rare Water
24/101 Tirtouga Uncommon Water
25/101 Carracosta Rare Water
26/101 Vanillite Common Water
27/101 Vanillish Uncommon Water
28/101 Vanilluxe Rare Water
29/101 Frillish Common Water
30/101 Jellicent Rare Water
31/101 Cryogonal Uncommon Water
32/101 Cryogonal Rare Water
33/101 Kyurem RareHolo Water
34/101 Blitzle Common Lightning
35/101 Zebstrika Rare Lightning
36/101 Emolga Uncommon Lightning
37/101 Tynamo Common Lightning
38/101 Tynamo Common Lightning
39/101 Elektrik Uncommon Lightning
40/101 Elektross RareHolo Lightning
41/101 Stunfisk Common Lightning
42/101 Victini Rare Psychic
43/101 Yamask Common Psychic
44/101 Yamask Common Psychic
45/101 Cofigrigus Rare Psychic
46/101 Cofigrigus Rare Psychic
47/101 Trubbish Common Psychic
48/101 Garbordor Uncommon Psychic
49/101 Solosis Common Psychic
50/101 Duosion Uncommon Psychic
51/101 Reuniclus Rare Psychic
52/101 Reuniclus Rare Psychic
53/101 Elgyem Common Psychic
54/101 Elgyem Common Psychic
55/101 Beheeyem Rare Psychic
56/101 Litwick Common Psychic
57/101 Litwick Common Psychic
58/101 Lampent Uncommon Psychic
59/101 Chandelure Rare Psychic
60/101 Gigalith Rare Fighting
61/101 Timburr Common Fighting

TCG Expansions 2011 Releases

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