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Plasma Storm Plasma Freeze
Card No. Card Name Rarity Card Type
4/116 Exeggcute Uncommon Grass
16/116 Chandelure RareHolo Fire
38/116 Thunderus EX EX2 Lightning
52/166 Metagross RareHolo Psychic
53/166 Deoxys EX EX2 Psychic
- Latios EX EX2 Dragon
- Latias EX EX2 Dragon
88/116 Raticate Rare Colorless
98/116 Tornadus EX EX2 Colorless
101/166 Ghetsis Uncommon SU
104/116 Team Plasma Badge Uncommon [[{{{1}}} (Item)|{{{1}}}]]
108/116 Rock Guard SuperRare [[{{{1}}} (Item)|{{{1}}}]]
109/116 Heatran EX SuperRare Fire
110/116 Thuderus EX SuperRare Lightning
111/116 Deoxys EX SuperRare Psychic
112/116 Plasma Freeze|

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