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Freeze Bolt / Cold Flare Plasma Gale Spiral Force/Thunder Knuckle

This will be the 7th Japanese expansion in the BW series.
The release date is September 14th.

Card No. Card Name Rarity Type
001/070 Turtwig Common Grass
002/070 Grotle Uncommon Grass
003/070 Torterra Uncommon Grass
004/070 Cherubi Common Grass
005/070 Cherrim Uncommon Grass
006/070 Maractus Common Grass
007/070 Foongus Common Grass
008/070 Amoongus Common Grass
009/070 Chimchar Common Fire
010/070 Monferno Uncommon Fire
011/070 Infernape RareHolo Fire
012/070 Victini-EX RareHolo Fire
013/070 Chimchar Common Fire
014/070 Monferno Uncommon Fire
015/070 Infernape RareHolo Fire
016/070 Articuno EX RareHolo Water
021/070 Cubchoo Common Water
022/070 Beartic Uncommon Water
- Rotom - Lightning
027/070 Zubat Common Psychic
028/070 Golbat - Psychic
029/070 Crobat RareHolo Psychic
- Giratina RareHolo Psychic
- Elgyem - Psychic
- Beheeyem - Psychic
- Phanpy - Fighting
- Donphan - Fighting
046/070 Scraggy Common Darkness
047/070 Scrafty Common Darkness
- Cobalion EX RareHolo Metal
- Druddigon - Dragon
055/070 Snorlax Uncommon Colorless
059/070 Lugia EX RareHolo Colorless
061/070 Colress Uncommon SU
062/070 Colress Machine Uncommon I
065/070 Poison Hyponitic Beam Uncommon I
066/070 Plasma Fridgate Uncommon ST
067/070 Plasma Energy Uncommon SE
- Articuno EX White star rare Water
- Lugia EX White star rare Colorless
- Cobalion White star rare Metal

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